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Dear Human Hearts is an Indie Electronic duo formed by husband and wife Savy Fontana and Romina Gentilini. Originally from Venezuela and based in Miami, these two Dj’s began their vision in 2013 as an experiment, when they were invited to play at the St. Barth’s Summer Sessions Music Festival. Although they got great feedback and saw potential, the idea stayed dormant for a couple of years, while each pursued their own musical endeavors.

Savy started to experiment with new music that was not fitting his Dj style and feeling more and more connected to what seemed to be pouring out of him. Romina on the other hand was playing drums and learning to express herself through the instrument, while also writing her life experiences in the form of poems. They felt a shift in perspective in regards to what they were individually creating and saw that their message and purpose was exactly the same, complementing each others creation flawlessly, DHH was born.

Dear Human Hearts is a call to express their inner journeys, to bring a fresh perspective, to provide hope, uplift and make people question their views and choices, create consciousness and awaken the Spirit. To release ego, connect to each other, believe and love, using music as the vehicle.

© 2017 Dear Human Hearts

Dear Human Hearts
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